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Version 2.0.0

yBiomes Craft is an addon that adds new biomes and transforms the entire world creation of the game! Explore new resources and amazing biome animals!


Last Update

yBiomes Craft 2.0 is being released! The update called "Sweet Groves" brings a major world overhaul, along with new animals, and many improvements to the environment and groves!

Explore new resources and amazing biome animals!

yBiomes Craft has been one of the biggest hits from yBrothers since its release and it has been reinvented many times, but it has never lost its essence and purpose.This adds several new biomes and transforms the creation of existing biomes, bringing more life to all of them by adding new animals, blocks, items, and structures to explore, together with new trees, plants, and other environmental features!

To celebrate the beautiful nature and epic wilderness of yBiomes, we bring many interesting features that bring a new life into the entire game. With all these additions, we aim to awaken the adventure and exploration instincts within each player who loves this addon, providing experiences for all types of gameplay, whether it's survival or creative mode! Go into the overworld, explore forgotten ruins, collect insects using a jar, create a beautiful garden with new flowers and butterflies, and relax in your treehouse while listening to bird songs!

Some of the features you can explore when creating your new world using yBiomes Craft include:

Autumn Forests, beneath those beautiful colored foliage in various shades of orange and red lies one of the most beautiful landscapes of yBiomes, with small animals, mushrooms, and a perfect spot for your seasonal cabin! Lavender Fields, a beautiful plain covered in purple flowers and beautiful jacaranda trees, with a dense mist that can surely transform the aroma of this biome and makes it so precious! Arid Fields, for fans of hot biomes, they are very special, bringing new types of rocks and shrub-like trees and dense ground vegetation, with many deer and grasshoppers roaming around!

In addition to the biomes mentioned above, there are many others (seriously, we have over 20 new landscapes to explore) for you to discover. Explore the beauty of the overworld like never before and be charmed, inspired, and most importantly, have fun!

This addon requires "Worldy Library" to function correctly, so don't forget to install the latest available version before starting your world with yBiomes Craft!

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DEPENDENCIES: - The addon requires the latest version of the "Worldy Library" addon to work properly! GENERAL: - Engine updated to 1.20.60! (Requires 1.20.60, 1.20.80, 1.21 or another HIGHER version to work properly)! - This version is incompatible with worlds that use yBiomes 1.0, create a new world! - Improved the addon's performance significantly (There are still more improvements for the future, send your feedback)! - Fixed several content log errors! - The fog of each biome has been updated! - Water color has been updated in all overworld biomes (including oceanic ones) and are now on par with Java Edition water! WORLD GENERATION: - The entire generation of addon structures, features and biomes has been rewritten to improve development techniques and performance! - Added: Big Maple Trees again! - Added: New format for Orchard Trees! - Added: Blackberry Bushes generating in Jungles and Savannas! - Added: Raspberry Bushes generating in Dark Forests and Shields! - Added: Blueberry Bushes generating in Frozen Forests and Meadows! - Added: Water wells coated in clayey soil generating in Cherry Groves! - Added: Dark Cherry Trees generating in Cherry Groves! - Added: Walnut trees generating in default forests and taigas! - Added: Surface Stones now generating in various earthy biomes! - Added: Shrubs of each type of vegetation generating in their respective biomes! - Added: Nettle Bushes generating in plains biomes! - Added: Large bushy areas generating in points of the plain! - Added: Cattail Generation in Rivers and Swamps! - Removed: Ancient ruins (They have been replaced by new ones)! - Removed: Palm trees! - Removed: Aquatic vegetation of duckweed and lothus flower that spawned in swamps and mangroves due to severe performance issues! - Alpine Tundra Biome has been temporarily disabled to resolve performance issues! - Improved the amount of tall grass that generates on the surface of biomes! - Improved the generation of the Shield biome, so that it is denser and dominates extreme hilly areas! - Clearings in the Shield biome are now made of stone! - The predominant trees in the Shield biome are now tall pines made from birch, spruce, and oak woods! - Shield now spawns pumpkins and mushrooms! - The old Shield biome vegetation with trees and flowers has been moved to the new Flower Grove biome! - Flower Grove has light green grass coloring! - Flower Grove generates colorful peonies! - Flower Grove has patches of moss scattered on the ground! - Flower Grove generates large rocks scattered around! - Flower Grove spawns pumpkins! - Orchard trees now generate exclusively in Flower Grove! - Autumn Forest biome is now called Temperate Forest! - Temperate Forest Biome now generates in larger spaces! - Temperate Forest Biome now generates large trees! - Frozen Forests now have denser vegetation! - Frozen forests now have snow and rivers of ice across the terrain! - Ice Crystals now generate hanging and attached to trees and other solid bases in the Frozen Forest biome! - Lavender Bushes and Jacarandas generate exclusively in Lavender Fields! - The generation of trees in traditional forests is back to normal! (Less tree density generating there) - Ancient Cherry Grove biome has been discontinued and no longer generates in the overworld (Part of its features are now implemented in Vanilla Cherry Grove)! ENTITIES: - Added: Koi Fish! - Added: Bird! - Added: Caterpillar! - Added: Bioluminescent Butterfly! - Added: Boat with chest for all wooden variants of the addon! - Model and texture changed to Deer! - Model and texture changed for Catfish! - Model and texture changed for Raccoon! - Model and texture changed for Squirrel! - Adjusted model and texture for Caracol! - Changed textures for all Butterfly variants! - Removed Mangrove Crab (Didn't fit into the proposal of the new version of the addon)! - Animals now prioritize panic! - Catfish now have 2 texture variants (Gray = Mangroves and Swamps ; Green = Rivers)! - Catfish can no longer collect items! - Decreased catfish spawn! - Catfish now spawn in swamps, rivers and mangroves! - Catfish can now be collected in a bucket! - Catfish now drop raw catfish! - Catfish now have one size! - Bugs that have been collected in a jar will now follow the player after being released if they are holding an empty jar! - Butterflies can now be bred with nettle flowers! - Common butterflies can also breed with infected butterflies! - When a butterfly is reproduced it will wander until it finds tree leaves to lay its eggs, which are usually deposited on the top face of the block if there is an empty space! - Infected Butterflies collected in a jar will fly at standard speed! - Infected Butterflies will drop double XP when they die! - Infected Butterflies that have not been collected in a jar will fly higher than regular butterflies! - Snail can no longer be tamed with an item, only by collecting it in a jar! - Snail can no longer spread slime! - Adult snail can now be collected in a jar! - Wild snail will not lay eggs when feeding on mushrooms! - The snail will walk around wherever it is released from a jar, without running away or disappearing! - Snail released from a jar will no longer avoid the player! - Snail has a chance to release snail slime when released from its jar! - Snail can no longer be lured or fed any item! - Snail can no longer jump when reaching a mushroom target! - Snail that has been collected in a jar will randomly release snail slime every 5 to 10 minutes after it is released again! - Squirrels can now drop 0 or 1 rabbit pelt (Or 1 to 3 with loot enchantment)! - Tamed squirrels can no longer attack creatures to defend or obey their owner! - Squirrels now move by making small jumps similar to rabbits! - Squirrels are now faster! - Squirrels now avoid wolves too! - Squirrels no longer feed on sweet berries! - Squirrels now feed/domesticate only on Walnut and reproduce only on Walnut Seeds! - Tamed squirrels can receive nuts from their owner and store them in their cheeks, and will then eventually start dropping seeds along the way! - Squirrel with nuts in its cheek will lose the ability to hold it if scared by a wolf, fox or if a player attacks it and will then stop dropping seeds until its owner gives it another nut! - Baby Squirrels and Raccoons can no longer be tamed! - Tamed raccoon can no longer attack creatures to defend or obey its owner! - Raccoons will no longer run away from wolves! - Raccoon can now sniff quite often! - Raccoon can now randomly lie down to take a nap! - Interacting with a collected firefly using redstone dust will cause it to retain its glow in its current state permanently (Irreversible)! - A firefly that is holding its current glow state cannot be collected in a jar! - Deer can now jump in random directions quite often! - Improved the priorities and behaviors of all animals to flow more naturally and lightly in the world! - Reduced the animal detection radius! - Hitboxes of all animals in the addon have been adjusted! - Animals should now drop XP if they are bred! - Spawn of animals regulated to specific biomes once again! - Boats now no longer create bubbles if submerged! - Boats cannot "die" if they are submerged! BLOCKS: - Updated all blocks to match the game's new block documentation! - Added: Rosewood Leaves! - Added: Dark Cherry Leaves! - Added: Butterfly Eggs! - Added: Butterfly Cocoon! - Added: Nettle Bush! - Added: Blackberry Bush! - Added: Raspberry Bush! - Added: Blueberry Bush! - Added: Ice Crystals! - New texture for lavender bush! - New texture for all temperate shrubs! - New texture for ramsons flower! - New texture for Maple Paper Lantern! - New texture for Walnut Leaves! - New textures for orchard leaves! - Tree leaves will now decay when floating after breaking wood from the tree (only from naturally generated trees, those placed by players will not decay!)! - Reduced the chance of the addon's leaves dropping items when broken, such as saplings, sticks, fruits and others! - Block rotation will now be maintained when the player is stripping a log! - Snail Slime Block is now called Snail Trail! - Snail Trail can now let the monster that is stuck to it detach over time! - Colorful Shrubs are now called Temperate Shrubs! - All low tundra and birch forest flowers are now called Low/Tall Colored Creeping Flowers! - Any flower or plant in the addon can now only be collected if broken with scissors! (Except those that do not generate naturally, such as saplings) - All old "Ominous" block variants have been removed from the addon! - Addon tree leaves can only drop particles if there is no other leaf underneath! - Old Cherry Blossom blocks are no longer available in the addon, as they now exist in Vanilla Minecraft! - Autumn wood blocks are now called Maple wood! - Wood and Leaf Blocks from the addon are now flammable! - Walnut leaves no longer drop nuts as an item! - Walnut leaves can now only drop nuts when broken! - Reduced the incidence of falling leaf particles! - Breaking fruit orchard leaves now drops their fruit! - Orchard leaves now take longer to change between their stages! - Orchard leaves now change in their stages if grown with bonemeal! - Maple Log will no longer randomly drip syrup! - The player can now use a hoe on the maple trunk to make syrup flow! - Dripping Maple Log can now ooze syrup particles! - Lotus Flowers and Duckweed can now only be placed on blocks with water sources! - Lotus Flowers and Duckweed no longer create a water source when placed outside water! - Lotus Flowers and Duckweed can no longer destroy blocks when placed in a location! - Lotus Flowers and Duckweed can only survive if they are under water! - 15 types of flowers from the addon can be placed in vanilla 1.20 decorated pots: peony(blue, white and purple), cattail, lavender bush, nettle, ramsons flower, tiny cactus(common and flowered), temperate bushes(all variants), temperate bushes flowered(all variants)! - Gilded Clayey Soil now drops 1 to 9 gold nuggets if broken with a shovel! - Snail eggs now spawn a maximum of 3 offspring! ITEM: - Added: Nettle! - Added: Butterfly Eggs! - Added: Butterfly Cocoon! - Added: Larva! - Added: Snail Jar! - Added: Caterpillar Jar! - Added: Butterfly jars, for each butterfly variation in the game! - Added: Enchanted Butterfly Jar (To get random color butterflies)! - Added: Wild Blackberry! - Added: Raspberry! - Added: Blueberry! - Added: Almonds! - Added: Catfish Bucket (For both variants)! - Added: Raw Catfish! - Added: Cooked Catfish! - Removed: Poisonous Blackberry! - Removed: Raw Frog! - Removed: Cooked Frog! - New texture for Snail Spawn Egg! - New texture for Lavender! - New texture for Fresh Gooseberry! - New texture for Nut! - New texture for Snail Slime! - Using a butterfly jar now drops the butterfly of the color that was collected! - Koi Fish Bucket is now a functional item, and can drop a koi fish that was previously collected! - The translation of items must start correctly for the language being used! LOOT: - Assorted Bug Jars and Empty Jars can now be found in chests in Plains Villages, Jungle Temples, Woodland Mansion, and Starter Bonus Chests! - Loot tables that were missing in some blocks have been added! - Adjusted the loot of all animals in the addon! PARTICLES: - Added: Bioluminescent Trail! - Added: Syrup Dripping! - All leaf particles now have the same cherry leaf particle physics! VANILLA CHANGES: - Frogs will now eat any insect in the addon! - Frogs can no longer drop raw frog! - Frogs should release froglight when they eat infected butterflies or fireflies! - Baby foxes may distract themselves from their parents to chase butterflies, but they won't kill them! - Ravager now breaks any plant in the addon! - Ravager can now break addon leaf blocks! - Ravager can now break snail eggs, butterfly eggs and butterfly cocoons! KNOW PROBLEMS: - Some crafting recipes have not yet been updated correctly, a hotfix will be sent soon! - Some remaining content log errors are still in the process of being fixed, but do not directly impact gameplay! - We're still working on the performance of the addon, so be sure to provide your feedback so we can get it to a pleasant state for everyone!
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