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Version 1.0.4

yCreatures Savanna is an addon from the "yCreatures" collection that adds over 40 new species of animals native to the savannas to improve the biome!


Last Update

The Savanna Secrets update was released for yCreatures Savanna recently! Explore new protected temples and discover treasures!

40 new species of animals native to the savannas

yCreatures Savanna is an incredible addon that belongs to the "yCreatures" collection and was the first biome expansion, released in 2021! It introduces over 40 new species of amazing and highly detailed animals to Minecraft's savanna biomes! In addition to resctructuring the entire terrain generation, it brings new blocks, items, and incredible structures to explore and enjoy!

Each animal in this addon features different characteristics and incredible details in modeling and animation. We have mountable animals like elephants and ostriches, domesticable animals that can assist players during their exploration, and also extremely aggressive and intelligent animals such as leopards, baboons, and lions! There's also a new exploration temple called the Savanna Gold Temple, where players can go into and collect treasures and rare, unique resources, of course, if they can get past all the baboons that are guarding the temple!

The vegetation and landscapes of the biome have received new highlights, such as baobab trees, strata rock formations, termite mounds, and many flowers and rocks, bringing a unique visual never seen before in such a biome, which is usually sparse and unremarkable!

This addon requires "Worldy Library" to function correctly, so don't forget to install the latest available version before starting your world with yCreatures Savanna!

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GENERAL: – Updated to the latest versions of the game! – Fixed some more content log errors! – Recipes for yFarm Craft items using yCreatures blocks are no longer available in this addon, only in yFarm Craft! ANIMALS: – Added Baboon! – Lion babies can now despawn naturally! – Eagles now despawn only if they are more than 128 blocks away from the player! – Crocodiles no longer attack inanimate entities (Example: Armor Stand, Boats, etc…) – Crocodiles now attack fish normally! – Ravagers can now break addon vegetations! – Entities now make a sound when the loyalty medal is attached or removed! BLOCKS: – Added Savanna’s Loot Barrel! – Player can now manually set Ostrich or African stork eggs in empty nests! – Mukua fruit growing time has been extended! – The time it takes for the mukua to grow from the tree has been extended! – The time that the mukua takes to grow with bone meal being applied has been reduced! – Savanna’s Jukebox now generates exclusively in Savanna’s Gold Temples! ITEMS: – Savanna disc is now present in the addon correctly! WORLD GENERATION: – Added Savanna’s Gold Temple! – Removed houses from the savanna for now! – Acacia bushes are now more common across the biome! – Slightly reduced the amount of plants spawned on the surface of the savanna! – Slightly increased the amount of surface stones generated in the savanna! – Savanna plants are no longer able to spawn on the surface of water or on compatible non-solid blocks! – Soggy soil pool water no longer generates water leaking everywhere! – When a soggy soil pool spawns submerged, it will not spawn with scattered holes that would represent water, as they are already submerged! RECIPES: – Removed Savanna’s Jukebox crafting recipe! PERFORMANCE MODE (EXTRA OPTION): – Increased the amount of savanna vegetation generated in the addon’s performance mode! – Increased the amount of Strata spawned on the savanna! – Decreased the amount of Coarse Compacted Earth patches generated on the savanna! – Doubled the chance of finding eagle nests attached to baobabs!
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