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Version 1.0.0

Tropycal is an addon that brings new beaches and tropical paradises to your world! With new animals, coconut trees, natives, and much more!


Last Update

Tropycal has been released with lots of exciting new features to complete beachscapes!

Explore dynamic new beaches with lots of features!

Tropycal is an addon that can transform the empty and boring beaches of your world into true tropical paradises, bringing new exciting features to enhance
your seaside adventures! New animals, new incredible blocks for you to build your small fishing hut, new typical foods, and even pirates!!

The beaches that once seemed empty and out of resources to explore are now renewed and full of adventures. We wanted to provide players with unique, enjoyable, and challenging experiences, so the addon is well divided into two sides: one where you enjoy the pleasant landscape by living on the seaside, drinking refreshing coconut water, eating seafood, and fishing, and on the other side, you can venture into the cliffs and shores to find pirate ships, explore them, and obtain incredible rewards, even a mysterious key that opens a treasure chest, find the X!

Some of the creatures you can encounter in Tropycal:

Pirates are hostile and sometimes carry a parrot with them. They tend to attack players using bows or swords and spawn on their ships near beaches. They can drop equipment and even treasure keys! Seagulls are mischievous birds that fly over beaches. They usually flee from any player who approaches them, but if you hold any food, they will be attracted to it and steal all the player's food stock, so taming them is a difficult task, but if you succeed, you'll gain a faithful fishing assistant! Lobsters... hmm, lobsters, they are great seafood and are always appearing submerged on the shores of beaches, sometimes attracting dolphins, and dropping raw lobster that can be used to tame, ride, and control them! Natives live in bamboo and coconut wood huts, always wandering on the beaches, and offer some interesting trades, so approach them!

This addon requires "Worldy Library" to function correctly, so don't forget to install the latest available version before starting your world with Tropycal!

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ENTITIES: – Added Native! – Added Seagull! – Added Pelican! – Added Beach Crab! – Added Lobster! WORLD GENERATION: – Added Coconut Trees on Beaches! – Added Sea Rock on Beaches! – Added Native Villages on Beaches! – Added Shells on Beaches! – Added Mussels Patches on Beaches! – Added Local Water Pools on Beaches! – Added Mossy Rocks in near grassy area near beaches! – Added squares with special content generating around beach villages! – Added Crab Burrows on Beaches! – Added Salt Block Blobs between the layers 42 ~ 56 on Beaches! BLOCKS: – Added Coconut Woodset! – Added Tied Bamboo! – Added Tied Dry Bamboo! – Added Bamboo Thatch! – Added Hay Thatch! – Added Crab Burrow! – Added (Red, Blue, Green) Sea Shells! – Added Sea Rock! – Added Carved Sea Rock! – Added Tropycal Loot Barrel! – Added Mussels Carpet! – Added Salt Block! ITEMS: – Added Coconut! – Added Coconut Water! – Added Coconut Thatch! – Added Coconut Sapling! – Added Coconut Boat! – Added Salt Powder! – Added Raw and Cooked Crab! – Added Crab Claw! – Added Crab Burguer! – Added Raw and Cooked Lobster! – Added Clam Chowder! – Added Mussels! – Added Cooked Mussels! – Added Fish Soup! – Added Cod Pie! – Added Dry Bamboo! – Added Bamboo Cup! – Added Sugarcane Juice! – Added (Red, Blue, Green) Sea Shell!
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