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Version 1.0.6

Domestic Pets is an addon that adds new domestic animals for players to tame and have fun, each animal with different abilities to help the players!


Last Update

Domestic Pets received its new mob: Chameleon!

Many domestic and exotic animals for you to take care of and call yours!

Domestic Pets is an addon that introduces players to new domestic animals of different types such as birds, rodents, fish, dogs, reptiles, and more. In addition to animals, it also adds various blocks and items related to pets such as beds, perches, toys, food, and animal food. Different types of animals have different domestication mechanics, adding dynamism and more interaction time between player and pet, as well as many textures and model variants for users to choose from based on their visual preference.

Each pet in this addon is unique in its own way, designed to offer different types of help to their owners. The idea is for players to use them for different purposes, from building a pet shop in creative mode to embarking on dangerous explorations in the overworld! Although the abilities are relatively simple, they are useful for optimizing your time and, in some cases, also providing extra protection.

The animals in the addon can also interact with each other to help their owner, and here are some interesting abilities:

Keeping 2 Lovebirds close to each other will create a passion area around them that grants their owner some time of regeneration effect! Petting a chinchilla will make it start sniffing and hunting nearby monsters to keep you protected! Cockatiels will be on alert, jumping and making a lot of noise whenever they detect a nearby monster! Capture Betta fish in a bucket and release them during your oceanic explorations; they will swim with you all the time and help you in underwater combat! Pet a Rabbit so it helps you harvest ripe carrots from your crops!

As seen above, there are many special abilities that come with these cute and useful pets, and besides these, there are many more! The addon features over 20 domesticable pets and over 100 texture and model variants in total, that's a lot!!

This addon requires "Worldy Library" to function correctly, so don't forget to install the latest available version before starting your world with Domestic Pets!

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GENERAL: – Fixed some serious looping errors in the content log! ANIMALS: – Added Capybaras! – Tamed animals now make sounds when their collar is removed! – Sick Chinchilla now takes damage every 10 seconds, no longer every 5! – Cockatoos no longer move in a small radius when tamed! – Decreased the chances of guinea pigs breeding too many chicks at a time! – Decreased the chances of Hamsters breeding too many chicks at a time! – The number of baby fish a betta fish can breed at a time has increased! – Increased the number of baby fish a goldfish can breed at a time! – The amount of health of creatures while wild/tamed has been changed! – A baby animal now has half the health of its wild adult variant! – Betta fish and goldfish spawn have been decreased! – The despawn radius for bettas and goldfishes has been decreased! ITEMS: – Collar texture has been modified! PARTICLES: – Added Snooze Particle!
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